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Too little information?

To locate more information:

  1. In the best records you have found, select the SHOW SIMILAR items. Pick the subject that best meets your needs, and examine the records under that subject.
  2. In the best records you have found, examine the words in the article titles and subjects. Do a WORDS search using the best word(s) from these.
  3. Do a WORDS search with similar terms joined by "or"

    For example: (medical or health) and homecare

  4. In the WORDS search or in the LIMIT option, use * to truncate

    For example: medic*
    finds medicade, medical, medicine, etc.

  5. In TITLE, SUBJECT, or AUTHOR searches, use truncation to retrieve words with alternate endings

    For example: medicine
    finds titles such as medicine, medicine in america, medicine and the mind.

If you have questions, ask library staff for assistance.

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