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Too much information?

If you retrieve too many records, you can narrow your search.

  1. You may use the LIMIT option to narrow your results by one or more of the following:
    • Language (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.)
    • Material type (e.g. audio-visual, etc.)
    • Words in the author
    • Words in the title
    • Words in the subject
    • Publisher (e.g. Harper & Row, etc.)
    • Where the item is located (e.g. Indiana Wesleyan University)
    • Year of publication (e.g. 1987, after 1987; for years prior to 1900, backspace over the prompt and type.)

    You may enter several limiting factors before selecting the FIND option.

  2. In the best records you have found, select the SHOW SIMILAR items. Pick the subject that best meets your needs, and examine the records under that subject.
  3. In the best records you have found, examine the words in the article titles and subjects. Do a WORDS search using the best word(s) from these.

If you have questions, ask library staff for assistance.

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