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There are seven, which one will you get? The IWU Jackson Library is pleased to provide 7 Research Carrels to facilitate scholarly research and special projects using materials located in the Library. In order to ensure the widest possible access, these Research Carrels will be guided by the following policies and procedures.
  1. Assignment of carrels
    1. Application forms for research carrel assignment are available at the Jackson Library Circulation Desk, online with Research Carrel Application Form .
    2. Carrel assignment is determined by IWU Library staff.
    3. Priority of carrel assignment
      1. IWU Faculty members
      2. IWU Graduate students working on their thesis or an IWU-related special project
      3. IWU Seniors or Honors College students working on their thesis or project
      4. IWU students working on a special project related to the IWU curriculum
      5. IWU campus staff working on an IWU-related special project

  2. Length of reservation period
    1. Carrels may be reserved for up to one semester.
    2. Requests for extension of carrel use will be evaluated based on:
      1. number on waiting list
      2. rationale for extension request
      3. adherence to carrel use policies and procedures

  3. Research carrels are keyed carrels
    1. After the application for carrel use has been received and the research carrel assigned, the assignee will sign a Research Carrel Agreement and will be given a key to the carrel door and file cabinet.
    2. The Library retains a master key to each carrel and file but no duplicate keys.
    3. If keys are lost, a non-refundable fee of $10.00 will be charged for each key replacement as well as any corresponding charges related to each lock replacement.

  4. Library materials in the carrels
    1. Periodicals and Reference books are not to be left in the carrel.
    2. Other Library materials kept in the carrel are to be properly checked out.
    3. Library staff will periodically check each carrel to make sure that the Library materials found in them are checked out to the occupant. Items that are not checked out will be removed and returned to their place in the collection.
    4. Beverages may be permitted in the carrels if they are in spill-proof-top containers. Food is not allowed in the carrels.
    5. Given the size of each research carrel, there is insufficient room for additional furniture or seating.
    6. The Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any material left in a carrel, including Jackson Library material.
  5. The research carrels are not soundproof. When listening to a laptop, tape recorder, CD player, etc., headphones will need to be used.
  6. Cellular telephones are to be muted or turned off in the Library and the research carrels.
  7. Only one person is to be in a carrel at any time.
  8. Carrels will cleaned by housekeeping personnel once each week.
  9. Carrel doors are to be closed when in use.
  10. The carrel door is to be closed and locked when the carrel is not in use.

Thank you for your interest in using the IWU Jackson Library Research Carrels.

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