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Course Reserve Guidelines

Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty may place personal materials or materials from the Jackson Library collection on Reserve. Placing items on Reserve allows the professor to limit the check-out length of selected materials in order to make them readily available to all students in the course. Placing items on Reserve also allows the Jackson Library to facilitate the circulation of items that are not owned by the Jackson Library. Reserve materials are available at the Circulation Desk(Books/Article) or in the Instructional Resource Center (Media/DVD/Audio) at the Jackson Library and may be searched by the professor’s name in the Library Catalog.

The following are guidelines for placing items on Reserve at the Jackson Library.

  1. Please fill out a Course Reserve Form, available on the Jackson Library website or at the Library Circulation Desk (for Books/Articles) and IRC (for Media). (Printable Course Reserve Form)

  2. Items may be placed on Reserve for the following checkout periods:

    2 hours (Library Use Only)
    1 day
    2 days
    3 hours (Library Use Only)
    3 hours
    2 hours (Library Use Only)
    2 hours
    1 day
    2 days

  3. A general rule for determining the number of copies to be placed on Reserve is one copy for every 20 students in a class.

  4. One copy of a periodical article may be placed on Reserve for one semester without obtaining Copyright Permission.

  5. Proof of Copyright Permission (e.g.: a copy of the permission letter received from the publisher) for copies of periodical articles placed on Reserve for more than one semester or for multiple copies of the same article must be provided by the professor of the class.

  6. The Jackson Library Staff will gather requested reserve materials that are part of the Jackson Library Collection. All personal items must be delivered to the Jackson Library in person or via campus mail and will be processed within 24 hours of receipt, excluding holidays and weekends.

  7. Personal materials placed on Reserve will be returned via campus mail at the end of the semester or may be picked up by the Professor prior to the end of the semester. Please understand that Reserve items can experience a certain amount of wear and tear. The Jackson Library is not responsible for the condition of personal items when they are returned after they have been on Reserve.

  8. Materials needed every Fall and Spring term may be placed on Permanent Reserve. The status of these materials will be confirmed every 2 years.

 If you have any questions, please call:

For Book/Article Reserve: Alison Johnson, Circulation Supervisor, x2383
For Media Reserve: Marty Hutchins, IRC Supervisor, x2418

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