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Staff of the Jackson Library
Indiana Wesleyan University

Administration Circulation
Interlibrary Loan Reference
Off Campus Library Services Technical Services

Bruce Brinkley, Reference Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2179

Steve Brown, Technical Services Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2197

Sheila Carlblom, Library Director
Phone: 765-677-2191

Pam Childers, System and Web Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2893

Cheri Colter, Acquisitions Coordinator
Phone: 765-677-2193

Lynn Crawford, ILL Technician
Phone: 765-677-2981

Eve Decker, Catalog Technician
Phone: 765-677-2982

Sarah Crume, Northern Indiana Area Reference Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2334 (Marion); 260-436-7874 (Ft. Wayne)

David Dial, Cleveland Area OCLS Reference Librarian
Phone: 6171 or 216-525-6169

Jessica O'Neal, OCLS Assistant
Phone: 765-677-1048

Mary Beth Dolmanet, OCLS Copyright Assistant
Phone: 765-677-1425

Arleta Ferree, OCLS Associate
Phone: 765-677-2178

Lisa Hayes, Cincinnati/Dayton OCLS Reference Librarian
Phone: 513-881-3611

Alison Johnson, Assistant Library Director
Phone: 765-677-2383

Laura Kelsey, Instructional Services Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2403

Jule Kind, Director of Off Campus Library Services
Phone: 765-677-2980

Amy Lorson, Kentuckiana Area OCLS Reference Librarian
Phone: 502-261-5019

Jaime Pitt, OCLS Technical Services/Cataloging Librarian
Phone: 765-677-2445

Curt Rice, OCLS Merrillville Ed. Center Reference Librarian
Phone: 219-769-5173

Jay Wise, OCLS Columbus Ed. Center Reference Librarian
Phone: 614-529-7563

Updated 10/28/2013


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